Ealing Rotary Reaches Out

As it approaches its 90th year the Rotary Club of Ealing is seeking to work alongside new partners and projects in the Borough.

In a change to normal practice – where charity projects usually last just one year – the members have decided to look for new organisations with which to work over the next three to five years.

As well as seeking recommendations from members and local contacts, the Club would also like to hear from organisations themselves.

We’re a small group who are keen to grow our numbers and do more active, hands-on, service. We believe that working alongside the right local organisation or organisations will allow us to make more of a difference in Ealing.

Ealing Rotary would like to hear from any charities or community organisations which would like to partner with them and meet the following criteria:
  • Serve the people of the London Borough of Ealing
  • Need volunteering support and fundraising help over the next three to five years
  • Would welcome hands-on, practical, support from Rotarians and their friends
  • Can demonstrate a track record in community service and good governance

Any charity or organisation which is interested partnership should send an email to setting out on no more than one side of A4 why they should be considered.

The closing date for submissions is Sunday 26 April 2015.